LA (LA 註冊會計(環球公司諮詢)), are providing the company development services more than 100 cities such as Hong Kong , Macau , New Zealand , Australia , Taiwan , UK , China ( ShenZhen , ShangHai , NanJin ,others ) , BVI , Mauritius , Nevada , Delaware ,27 European Countries , etc , our services are , including but not limited to , company formation , company incorporation , secretarial services , trademark registration , patent registration , contract preparation , accounting , arrangement of auditing ,taxation , winding up of companies and company evaluation, more than 1000 professional services .

The another name of LA (LA 註冊會計(環球公司諮詢)) is the Global Company Registration or Global Company Development firm .


LA (LA 註冊會計(環球公司諮詢)) are providing the company development services (tailor made) to the new entrepreneur , including but not limited to , company management services , company formation, accounting services  , secretarial services , trademark and patent registration , contract preparation , listing , in different places in the world . The ultimate goal is to assist the new entrepreneur to develop the whole business from beginning to final stage of the International listing one in the world step by step .
LA 註冊會計(環球公司諮詢)全球發展超過100個城市 例如香港 澳門 紐西蘭 澳洲台灣 英國 中國(深圳、上海、南京等...) BVI 毛里求斯 美國內華達州,特拉華州, 歐洲27國等等 服務包括成立,註冊,開,有限公司 , 秘書服務 每年管理 商標註冊 專利 合同 會計 安排核數師報告 評估 結束公司撤銷公司公司清盤  稅務反對服務超過1000種
另名 環球公司諮詢 及環球公司發展師事務所